Hiker Dies after Fall

PRELIMINARY INFORMATION - Just before 6 PM on March 11, 2015, YCSO deputies were dispatched to an incident involving an injured hiker located 5 miles up from the Bull Pen camping area along West Clear Creek, east of Camp Verde in Yavapai County. The subject has been identified as 22-year-old Rhishav Choudhury whose home country is India. Initial reports from those who knew Rhishav indicated he had wandered away by himself from a group and apparently fell an estimated 100’ from a rocky area adjacent to a trail. The group consisted of students from a college in Ohio. 4 members of the group were able to hike to his location and call for help. This is a very remote area and cell phone service was spotty throughout the event.
Within the hour, EMS personnel began hiking towards Rhishav’s location while the Backcountry Unit from the Yavapai County Search and Rescue Team (YCSRT) and a DPS Ranger helicopter were called out. The Ranger crew was able land in the vicinity of the injured man around 7:10 PM. A Ranger paramedic reached the Rhishav just before 8:30 PM after hiking across a canyon and river in darkness. The paramedic confirmed the Rhishav had died. The Backcountry team eventually arrived to provide security at the location until the following morning when removal of the body was scheduled during daylight hours.
This morning, DPS Ranger flew to the scene and airlifted Rhishav’s body to a landing zone for transfer to the Medical Examiner.
The incident remains under investigation and no foul play is suspected.