Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Volunteers Honored

On January 30, 2019, Sheriff Scott Mascher and his command staff honored volunteers throughout the agency during a special ceremony at the beautiful Elks Theatre in Prescott. The event, organized by Sheriff’s Office Volunteer Services Coordinator Dennyse Loll, included special recognitions and dinner following the program. Volunteer groups within the Sheriff’s Office include the Sheriff’s Auxiliary Force, Volunteer’s in Protection (VIP), the Yavapai County Search and Rescue Team (YCSRT) containing several specialized units, Jeep Posse, the Verde Valley Search and Rescue Team, and the Sheriff’s Air Group. 

This was the second annual all volunteer ceremony and the Sheriff highlighted several volunteers who have donated their time over several years. Those recognized include Jerry Kimmet-40 years, Tip Schmidt-27years, Ken Harrington-26 years, Allen Cornell-23 years, Jeff Loll-23 years, Scott Lee-23 years, Michael Paget-21 years, Robert Kuropkat-21 years, Vince Carr-21 years, Michael Liverside-20 years, Scott De Arman-20 years, and Tom Nicol-20 years. 

The Sheriff recognized a very special volunteer, who now retired, had been with YCSO for 10 years. Mr. David Hamilton, Lt. Col., USAF, Ret., was awarded the title of Lifetime Member of the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Auxiliary Force. Mr. Hamilton, now 96-years-young, flew in World War II dropping Pathfinder troops behind enemy lines in Europe including D-Day operations. He also served in Korea from 1950 to 1952, flying over 50 missions with the Military Air Transport System. Mr. Hamilton received a well-deserved standing ovation during the presentation. You can hear his incredible story on February 13, 2019, 7PM, at the Davis Learning Center, Embry Riddle University.  

The Yavapai County Search and Rescue Team’s Southern Unit received a Letter of Recognition for their assistance with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office during their search for a homicide victim. Members of the unit travelled over 100 miles to reach the scene and utilized specialized equipment to assist detectives in locating a body in a deep well. 

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office was very impressed by the 9-hour effort involving the team which resulted in the recovery of key evidence and eventually the victim.

John Waltz of the Yavapai County Jeep Posse, also received a Letter of Recognition for rescuing an injured person. As Chaplin for the Jeep Posse, he went to a ranch in Congress to check the status of a woman rescued the prior day. While on the ranch property, he saw a horse saddled and ready to ride, but no one around. Eventually he noticed a person lying on the ground, moaning and bleeding. Attempts to call 911 were unsuccessful due to lack of cell service, so Waltz evaluated the injured man and learned he had been thrown from the horse. The man attempted to move, but Waltz convinced him to remain still while he sought help. Waltz located the ranch house and medical rescue was notified. Waltz returned to the injured man, giving aid as necessary, until paramedics arrived. 

Sheriff Mascher, “Our volunteers are invaluable to the Sheriff’s Office and the thousands of selfless hours they give every year is truly appreciated not only by employees, but the communities we serve.”  

The Sheriff’s would like to thank Panera Bread General Manager Susan Richards in Prescott for graciously providing food, drink, and service to all our volunteers. The Sheriff’s Office is deeply grateful. We would also like to thank Elks Theatre manager Colette Greenlee for her assistance accommodating our volunteers during the recognition ceremony.