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YCSRT Units and Jeep Posse Volunteers Have Busy Weekend


PRESCOTT ARIZONA (March 6, 2023) –The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue (SAR) units and Jeep Posse volunteers endured a busy weekend successfully locating a Prescott Valley resident that had become stuck in the snow while looking for her husband and two sons in the Crown King area, locating and rescuing the husband and sons who had been stranded for approximately 11 hours, as well as the retrieval of a deceased person that was otherwise unobtainable by YCSO Deputies.

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Missing Elderly Couple Located and Safe


PRESCOTT ARIZONA (February 2, 2023) – The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office Forest Patrol, with assistance from our Yavapai County Search and Rescue 4x4 Team (YCSRT 4x4), Off Highway Vehicle (YCSRT OHV) Team, and Department of Public Safety (DPS), is pleased to report that missing couple, Mike and Catherine Pena and their dog Daphnee have been safely located. 

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YCSO Personnel and Search and Rescue Units on Day Five of Search for Missing Camper


PRESCOTT ARIZONA (October 5,2022) – Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Deputies and Search and Rescue volunteers have been searching relentlessly over the past five days for missing camper 63-year-old Jeffrey Gordon Stambaugh of Tucson who has not been seen since 10:30am September 30th, 2022.

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YCSO Backcountry Search and Rescue Team Annual Swiftwater Rescue Course Preparing for Monsoon 2022


PRESCOTT ARIZONA (March 28, 2022) – Yavapai County Sheriff’s Backcountry Search and Rescue team conducted its annual Swiftwater rescue course over the weekend.  Nine members of the team completed the three-day course in the Colorado River offered by the Arizona Center for Fire Service in Excellence.  Training is comprised of multiple swimming techniques, personal protective equipment, boating skills and maneuvers, in water patient management, vast rescue skills including the use of throw bags, tethered strong swimmer, V lowers, Y lowers, box cinches, Mather loops, and so much more.  

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Dramatic Air Lift Rescue of Injured Paraglider in Yarnell


Yarnell, Arizona (January 18, 2022) – Yesterday at 1:45 pm, Yavapai County Sheriffs received a 911 call of a man who needed medical attention and rescue after he had crashed his paraglider on Antelope Peak in Yarnell. 

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Busy Weekend for Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer Search and Rescue Teams: Two Sets of Hikers Rescued


 – It was no doubt a beautiful weekend for hiking in Northern Arizona. For some though the day didn’t end quite as planned. A couple hiking Cathedral Rock Saturday evening November 6, 2021, with only their cellphones, water, and wearing minimal amounts of clothing, called for help after it got dark when they realized they couldn’t find their way back down the path. In less than two hours from the call, Verde Search and Rescue had the couple safely back to their vehicle.

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So, now you're lost

Let’s talk about the viral post advising folks to change their voicemail when lost and low on cell phone battery power or their phone is dead.
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SDU Awarded OneAZ Grant


The YCSRT Search Dog Unit applied for and was awarded the OneAZ Community Foundation Grant.

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