4x4 Unit

The 4x4 Unit assists in search and rescue operations as well as fire and flood evacuation operations.  Two man driver/observer teams can provide an initial response by searching roads and trails.  While the driver focuses on the road, the observer serves as radio contact, logs information on the log sheet and looks for clues and the missing person. 4x4 units also provide containment of the search area, transport other units such as back country or dog team and provide additional radio support.  Qualified members may also provide support for foot searches such as line searches.  During fire or flood evacuations, 4x4 members can assist with the evacuation, man road blocks or provide security.
Search and rescue personnel should have an affinity for the outdoors and be available for call out on a 24/7 basis.  In order to belong to the 4x4 Unit, or any other search and rescue unit, one must first pass a background check.  They then attend a two day basic academy and attend regular monthly meetings and trainings.  Call-outs could occur any time day or night.  Drivers should have a trail ready 4x4 vehicle.  An extensive list of required equipment including a hard mount radio and GPS.  Observers will also need a GPS along with additional equipment.