OHV Unit

The Yavapai County Search and Rescue Team (YCSRT) Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Unit is dedicated to serving visitors and residents of Yavapai County "so others may live."  Under the direction of the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office, certified and trained volunteers utilize off-road quads and side-by-side vehicles to search for, rescue and/or recover missing persons, assist with evacuations and roadblocks during fires and floods, conduct evidence searches at large area crime scenes, perform back-country safety patrols and other duties as assigned. 
Yavapai County has hundreds of miles of trails that are generally inaccessible to traditional full-size four-wheel drive vehicles.  We use our machines to search rough and rocky terrain, often on narrow two-track back-country roads, day and night, in all weather conditions.
The OHV Unit welcomes individuals who are interested in participating in these activities.  Due to the nature of our organization and mission, there is an application process that all interested parties must complete.  Posted below, you will find the basic requirements for the OHV Unit that must be met before membership and during a probationary evaluation period.  Additionally, consideration must be given to time and financial commitments you make for training and equipment necessary to safely carry out the missions described above.  This can be a highly demanding but equally rewarding opportunity to serve your community and we look forward to discussing your interests with you.  For general information about the application process, please contact the OHV Unit manager at  

  • Must posses a 4 wheel drive minimum 500cc Quad or minimum 570cc Side by Side
  • Ability to be a team player (evaluation ongoing).
  • Willingness to take direction (evaluation ongoing).
  • Applicant must be physically capable of driving their quad or side by side in rough terrain, at night, in extreme conditions and staying in the field for up to 24 hours.
  • Applicant must be capable of completing a two mile walk in one hour wearing a 25 pound pack. 
  • Possess an email account with the ability to open and send emails, open attachments and attach files.
  • Possess a cell phone that can send and receive text messages.
  • Possess a valid Arizona Driver’s License, current registration and insurance on your off-road machine and tow vehicle.
  • Possess a current Arizona OHV sticker for your Quad or Side by Side.
  • At time of application, must understand and be willing to learn and achieve the requirements of Applicant Phase and Probation stated below:

Must successfully pass Sheriff’s Office approval process including fingerprinting and background investigation

  • Successfully ASI (Quad) or RHOVA (Side by Side) certification
  • Complete a YCSO approved Arizona Basic SAR Academy

          YCSO SAR Academy includes passing online courses and then attending an Academy Field Exercise day (one Saturday)

  • Complete Basic First Aid/CPR/AED training from a certified provider.
  • Complete online FEMA courses IS100, IS200, IS700.
  • Successfully complete ASARCA III standards within 6 months of completing the Academy and ASARCA II standards within one year of completing the Academy.

After Sheriff Office approval and completion of all applicant requirements, you should receive an ID card and radio call sign.   You are then eligible to begin training during a probationary period.
At the end of probation, minimum 6 months, maximum 18 months:

  • You must be able to navigate using GPS, and map and compass including download and emailing your track to Incident Command and Training Officer.
  • Must be capable of riding safely in all terrain and weather.
  • Must possess and be able to use all mandatory equipment.
  • Must possess functional radio (hand held will be provided) and be competent in communications including ability to hear radio communications over the noise of your running/driving machine.
  • Must be familiar with and willing to follow policies and procedures of YCSRT, OHV Unit, and Sheriff’s Office where applicable.
  • Must attend at least 6 OHV Unit monthly meetings and 50% of the OHV Unit field training exercises in a 12 month period.
  • During probation, members may or may not be called out to searches at the discretion of the OHV Unit manager.

Possess the skills, knowledge, abilities, mental and physical capabilities and equipment to remain in the field, on your own, for 24 hours, under any conditions.  This is a level of preparation and capability you want to achieve for safety’s sake, however, we NEVER go out alone.