Seligman Child Found, February 13, 2013


Ryan has been reunited with his very grateful family following a search exceeding 4 hours involving numerous  YCSO personnel and volunteers, along with a DPS Ranger and Guidance helicopter crew flying “Rescue 1.” YCSO also very much appreciates the 8 residents/ranchers who participated with our crews as part of a coordinated search.

As we have seen in the past, the sooner a call is made regarding any missing child, the greater the chances of finding that child quickly and safely. Ryan was located about 2.5 miles from his home along a fence line.

Additionally, Command Staff had activated the C.A.R.T. – Child Abduction Response Team – bringing numerous trained personnel and resources from area agencies including Coconino County, Mojave County, Department of Corrections -Search Dogs-, DPS, Prescott Valley Police, Prescott Police, Cottonwood Police, FBI, to name a few. Although not fully deployed tonight, their quick response and readiness was evident and appreciated as the search continued into darkness.

This search effort, coordinated by YCSO supervisors, in conjunction with the assistance of those mentioned above, provided the key ingredients to finding Ryan safe and before the extremely cold temperatures that follow sunset. Sheriff Mascher would like to extend his heartfelt appreciation to all those involved in this effort to find Ryan tonight.  In all, about 90 personnel were on scene at the time Ryan was found. A correction – Ryan was in the care of his 81-year-old grandfather at the time.