Busy Weekend for Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer Search and Rescue Teams: Two Sets of Hikers Rescued

 – It was no doubt a beautiful weekend for hiking in Northern Arizona. For some though the day didn’t end quite as planned. A couple hiking Cathedral Rock Saturday evening November 6, 2021, with only their cellphones, water, and wearing minimal amounts of clothing, called for help after it got dark when they realized they couldn’t find their way back down the path. In less than two hours from the call, Verde Search and Rescue had the couple safely back to their vehicle.

The following day, while hiking in West Clear Creek, two gentlemen decided to part ways when one of them became weak from dehydration. The companion left his extra food and water with the 65 yr. old, dehydrated hiker and started for the north rim to get a phone signal to call for help. Verde Search and Rescue, Ranger 1, and Yavapai County Sheriff’s Response Team (YCSRT) - Backcountry Unit were called out. Ranger 1 eventually rescued the man, who by then was feeling better. Ranger 1 dropped him off at his vehicle where his companion was anxiously waiting.

Although an undoubtedly nerve-racking day for these individuals, they were rescued and got to go home safe and sound because of the dedicated and experienced YCSO volunteer auxiliary teams. These teams include the Yavapai County Jeep Posse, Verde Search and Rescue, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Air Group, and Yavapai County Sheriff’s Response Team comprised of Backcountry Unit, 4X4 Unit, Fire Observers (FOB) Unit, Southern Unit, Search Dog Unit, and the Off Highway Vehicle Unit.

It’s important to remember, especially in the remote high desert areas, that it gets very dark and much cooler after the sun goes down. Another factor to consider is higher elevations which can cause you to tire and dehydrate more quickly. Please remember to bring a flashlight, extra food, and water, matches and warm clothing whenever you go hiking. You may not think you will need them, but you can bet the rescued hikers wished they had done so!

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